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Newton County 911 Dispatch Center

The Sheriff’s 911 Dispatch Center relocated to the new area in September of 2001. The Center is set up with twin positions that include a 911 PSAP (public safety answering point) and a Motorola CENTRACOM GOLD ELITE dispatch terminal. The PSAP will display the name, address, phone number of the caller with previous call history and any notes that may have been added, such as medical information.

The twin dispatch terminals are used to receive and transmit on 13 different frequencies to communicate with Police, Fire, EMS, State, Local and surrounding law enforcement agencies. In addition, the Telecommunicator (dispatcher) must monitor 25 additional frequencies for surrounding activity such as severe weather as well as police activity.
Dispatch Center

Dispatch Center



Public Safety Answering Point 1 ( PSAP1 )

The Dispatch position 1 primary responsibility is 911, Fire and EMS. The dispatcher receives the 911 call and can dispatch 6 different Fire Departments, 2 Ambulance stations, Emergency Management as well as notify public alert receivers of potential severe weather. This position also runs the IDACS/NCIC terminal for Officer requested information such as drivers license or criminal history.

The primary function of the dispatcher at position 2 is to answer all incoming business lines, log all calls and requests as well as dispatch and communicate with various police agencies and officers.

It is important to note that these positions are twins, in that each can perform the functions of the other.


In House System

Our "in house" computer is used for mapping, logging and paging. The GIS (geographical information system) is used to obtain property owner information, aerial mapping and display the latitude and longitude of a given location. In addition, all local warrant and protective order information is accessible though our "in house" terminal.

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