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Craig Blann

Deputy Craig Blann

End of Watch: 9/06/2004
Deputy Blann was electrocuted when he came into contact with a live power line while investigating an automobile accident on County Road 525 West at 0813 hours.

The driver involved in the accident had returned home to report the incident. After Deputy Blann interviewed the driver, he returned to the scene of the accident to continue the investigation. While at the scene, he was killed instantly when he came in contact with the downed power line.

Deputy Blann had served with the Newton County Sheriff's Department for 4 years, and had previously served as a deputy marshal for the Kentland Police Department. He is survived by his wife and two children.


Deputy Steve Gulley
Deputy Gulley died from injuries resulting from an accident that occurred during an off-duty Muscular Dystrophy Benefit motorcycle ride. This activity exemplifies the nature of Deputy Gulley and his life of service to others.

Deputy Gulley served with in the Law Enforcement Community of Newton County for over twenty-eight years. He was a deputy Sheriff for over ten years; serving in ranks from Patrolman to Chief Deputy. He also served the town of Morocco as Town Marshal for seventeen years and as their Fire Chief.

Deputy Gulley is survived by his wife and three children.


Trooper Todd Burman
End of Watch: 07/29/1993
Trooper Burman responded to a call for assistance with a disorderly subject in the town of Camden located in Carroll County. When officers attempts at negotiation failed the suspect retreated inside of his residence. As officers entered the house, they were met by the subjects resistant wife, while the suspect fled down the hall in search of a gun. As Trooper Burman entered the room where the suspect was waiting, he was shot at close range with a high powered rifle. On July 29, 1993 Trooper Todd Burman gave his life in the line of duty.

Trooper Burman, a native of Newton County, graduated from South Newton High School in 1982 and served as a paramedic with the Newton County EMS. Trooper Burman was well loved and is well missed.

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